Salem Area Ham Radio Training


Salem Area Ham Radio Training


Our goal is to provide comprehensive, regular training for the ham radio community in and around Salem, Oregon.  We primarily conduct licensing courses, but we seek ideas for other types of training as well. 

If you would like to become a licensed amateur radio operator, please get in touch with us.  You can come to one of our weekend classes, or come to one of our VE Testing Sessions to take your test.  Classes throughout the year that will help you learn all you need to get your Technician license.  For hams already licensed, increase your operating priviledges with a class for the General license!

For those who would like to earn or upgrade an Amateur Radio license, we hold regular VE (Volunteer Examiner) sessions in Salem.  Our regular schedule is approximately every two months and exams are held at the Salem Airport Fire Station at 2742 SE 25th St. SE.  Drop-ins are always welcome at our VE sessions.  Our exams are coordinated by the Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group.

How You Can Get Involved in Amateur Radio!

Join a club or a group of hams!
Salem Amateur Radio Club
Willamette Valley DX Association
Coast to Range Amateur Radio Club
Marion County ARES
Radio Operators Assoc. of Dallas (ROADS)
Salem Amateur Television Association
Peak Radio Association (Corvallis)

Our primary need is participants!  If you have ever wanted to see what Amateur Radio is all about, please join us for a Licensing Course!

Currently our needs for training new hams are three-fold. We seek amateurs in the area who can help with one of the following areas:

  • Making presentations on various subjects in the Technician and/or General classes.

  • Helping set up and take down equipment for classes on Saturday.

  • Setting up a portable station Saturday during lunch for participants to use. This is the most fun part of the weekend!

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